Who Does Supplier Audits in Your Company?

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  1. As a QA Auditor/ Inspector I always enjoy your blog posting. They are relevant to me and my profession. I believe in your idea of inspectors performing supplier/ re-evaluation audits. I see every product that is produced and know where defects whether minor or major can and do happen. All too often companies make supplier decisions based solely on monetary reasons without seeing the final product and where defects can potentially happen. And who doesn’t enjoy a free trip on the company’s dime!!! I wish you the best of luck on the new job and look forward to future posts. Lucky for me everyday is casual jeans Friday!

    • Thank you for the reply JW. As I mentioned in my blog, I’m working on a white paper related to supplier auditing. It will help me if you could share what kind of challenges your company faces with supplier evaluations.

  2. Sorry for the delayed reply. I think our biggest challenge, from the quality side, is that our purchasing and upper-management have the say on what suppliers we use. With little to no input from the quality department. We as quality professionals are working on a vendor certification program. The good and the bad is it will keep our current suppliers accountable which can be beneficial for quality or if a change is warranted. However, something needs to change if the quality department will have a say in choosing the suppliers in the first place; as opposed to keeping an eye on them after the decision has been made to go with a certain supplier. As a small company, so many decisions seem to be driven by the “ol’ mighty dollar”.

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