What really matters…A more important kind of New Year’s Resolution

In Blogging, What Really Matters on November 10, 2012 at 4:20 am

I took a second tonight to check-up on my blogs to see if any of you had questions for me. To my delight, there was a great question–that will be the topic of the next posting. I also noticed that you helped me to achieved my goal of 10,000 views a little earlier than my goal of New Year’s Eve.

I’m very thankful for all the support from those of you that have read my postings, but I noticed a disturbing trend regarding the most popular blogs:

1. When I went on vacation

2. When I posted someone else’s blog

3. When I blogged about blogging

Your interest seems to have very little to do with QC, QA or Regulatory Affairs. It seems to be quite personal. Maybe there is more to life than reading and writing about medical device regulations. This sort of sounds like a line from my favorite cartoon, at the part of the story where I cry every time…

Here’s a few things that might be more important:

1. Staying warm in my cave,

Yes, I’m wrapped up in a girly pink blanket trying to stay warm while I write this post on a Friday night.

2. Being around for my daughter’s eighth birthday, and

Wow, they grow up so fast.

3. almost everything else other than what I typically write about.

So while each of you watch this music video, please think about what your New Year’s resolution will be for 2013. Instead of strategic business planning, let’s all try to think about how we can help others first.


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