This blog reflects the personal opinions of Rob Packard, and these opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of clients or past employers. I have a consulting website, and a new website dedicated to QA/RA training courses and related products. If you would like to learn more about me, check out my LinkedIn profile. I accept all invitations to connect.

I am an independent regulatory consultant specializing in Canadian, European and US medical device regulations.

If you find this blog content of value, you might also be interested in the following:

  1. The LinkedIn subgroup I help to manage for Joe Hage: Medical Devices: QA/RA.
  2. My own person LinkedIn Group dedicated to CMDCAS Certification: CMDCAS.
  3. A WordPress Blog Site by Brigid Glass (one of the Medical Device Academy Instructors): QA Kiwi.
  4. My on-line articles in BoneZone.
  5. The audio seminars I teach (hosted by FX Conferences).

I am a fan of music. Therefore, I decided that I would include links to songs I find on Youtube. I think it’s a great idea to offer readers that follow our blogs with a little background music. It might even help them remember the postings better.

I have a couple of friends that actually went to school to study music and they have both broadened my listening selection and my appreciation. As time permits, I will try to include some of their music selections as well.

If any of my follows have requests of their own, please email them to me or comment on a recent post with your requests for new videos.

For those of you that were wondering about the title of my blog, here’s an excerpt from my second blog posting:

Quality Control (QC) is not really dead. The concept is just old and tired. QA, or Quality Assurance, is the politically correct acronym of the twenty-first century. QC is no longer the focus of the Quality Department. In fact, progressive companies do not even have departments. Inspection is now the responsibility of manufacturing personnel, while the quality function is the responsible for monitoring, measuring, data analysis, and improvement of processes and product. The purpose of the broader range of activities is to ensure that Quality Management Systems remain effective and companies continue to satisfy customers.”


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