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Why I Moved to Vermont…

In Uncategorized on January 24, 2011 at 10:31 pm

This week’s music video selection is one of my all-time favorites. Dennis lists Nat King Cole as one of his favorite singers and I agree 100%. His velvety, smooth voice is like mulled cider on a winter day.

                Vermont natives have a slur they use for non-natives: “Flat Landers.” If you’ve ever visited Vermont, you know where the term comes from. The Green Mountains (Verde Monte = Green Mountain) are equal to the mountains of West Virginia in pitch and elevation. The big difference is that temperatures are just a bit colder here. The radio was talking about how “cold” it was today…some gibberish about record cold temperatures of -27F. I live on a ridge where the wind blows all the time, and temperatures without the wind chill were probably -15F to -20F this morning. Perfect snow shoe weather in my opinion, but some people say it’s too cold for school. In our town we didn’t even have a delay. Of course with a two-room school house (16 kids), and a maximum bus ride of 2.5 miles, the morning drive isn’t too bad. I think it snowed every day since Christmas here, so I am amused when I see articles dramatizing a couple of flurries.

                I’ll be headed out to San Diego in a couple of weeks to teach a course on internal auditing, but I’ll be wishing I was home. I was born in California, so I will always be considered a “Flat Lander.” My heart, however, is in these beautiful mountains. I draw a mental line between San Francisco and Philadelphia. This is my Mason-Dixon Line. Anything south of that line is just too warm. San Diego is great to visit, but can you blame me for missing a view like this (just 10 miles from my house, and beautiful swimming in September).

When it’s cold outside you just need to learn to wear a sweater. If it drops below zero, maybe a hat is needed. If it gets to -10F then I dust off a coat. As Nat says, “Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow.”

 Here are 3 more facts about Vermont:

1)      I never had roasted chestnuts until I moved to Vermont. They’re delicious.

2)      Vermont Maple syrup is definitely the best.

3)      The record low for January in Vermont is -38 (almost the same for F and C).

Got the Flu?

In Uncategorized on January 6, 2011 at 2:25 am

I’m sure that my video selection for this week meant something very different to me when I was a teenager. Now that I am father of five this song has a very different and personal meaning. Everyone in my family has been sick since Christmas Day and some of us are still not well.

                I started my career in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, but I switched to medical devices in 2000. In the device industry there are lots of great product ideas that have sprouted from the fertile minds of surgeons and biomedical engineers. Unfortunately, most of these wonderful product ideas will never make it. Why?

                If you can’t sell it the company will never survive.

                This phenomenon is 180-degrees opposite from the pharmaceutical industry. Drug companies have established distribution channels and know exactly how they intend to market and sell the new products they are developing. They have to because who would invest ten to fifteen years to develop a new product that nobody wants to buy. Sometimes the products don’t even work and products are still successful.

                Which brings me to my real question…Why hasn’t anyone developed the perfect drug to treat colds? Everyone wants it and everyone needs it. In fact, while my family and I were sick (somewhere around 3 am the Monday after Christmas) I would have bought anything if it would help us sleep through the night and feel better in the morning.

                Just-in-case there is a budding entrepreneur reading my blog, focus your efforts on drug delivery systems specifically for pediatrics. If only my 6 and 8 year-old could swallow pills and syrups without vomiting. For the drug companies that want to ride the next wave of growth, I recommend developing drugs with that sedate small children, make parent feel high, and make the elderly feel young again. Who cares how my platelets feel, I just want this fever and pounding head ache to go away.

                If you and your family are unfortunate enough to have enjoyed the flu this holiday season…

                These 4 teaspoons of grape medicine are for you.

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