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Why I Moved to Vermont…

In Uncategorized on January 24, 2011 at 10:31 pm

This week’s music video selection is one of my all-time favorites. Dennis lists Nat King Cole as one of his favorite singers and I agree 100%. His velvety, smooth voice is like mulled cider on a winter day.

                Vermont natives have a slur they use for non-natives: “Flat Landers.” If you’ve ever visited Vermont, you know where the term comes from. The Green Mountains (Verde Monte = Green Mountain) are equal to the mountains of West Virginia in pitch and elevation. The big difference is that temperatures are just a bit colder here. The radio was talking about how “cold” it was today…some gibberish about record cold temperatures of -27F. I live on a ridge where the wind blows all the time, and temperatures without the wind chill were probably -15F to -20F this morning. Perfect snow shoe weather in my opinion, but some people say it’s too cold for school. In our town we didn’t even have a delay. Of course with a two-room school house (16 kids), and a maximum bus ride of 2.5 miles, the morning drive isn’t too bad. I think it snowed every day since Christmas here, so I am amused when I see articles dramatizing a couple of flurries.

                I’ll be headed out to San Diego in a couple of weeks to teach a course on internal auditing, but I’ll be wishing I was home. I was born in California, so I will always be considered a “Flat Lander.” My heart, however, is in these beautiful mountains. I draw a mental line between San Francisco and Philadelphia. This is my Mason-Dixon Line. Anything south of that line is just too warm. San Diego is great to visit, but can you blame me for missing a view like this (just 10 miles from my house, and beautiful swimming in September).

When it’s cold outside you just need to learn to wear a sweater. If it drops below zero, maybe a hat is needed. If it gets to -10F then I dust off a coat. As Nat says, “Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow.”

 Here are 3 more facts about Vermont:

1)      I never had roasted chestnuts until I moved to Vermont. They’re delicious.

2)      Vermont Maple syrup is definitely the best.

3)      The record low for January in Vermont is -38 (almost the same for F and C).

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